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Issue 11 - Fall Edition

Special Feature:

Thinking About Our Thinking About Oral Rinsing: (Part 2) By Joanna Asadoorian, RDH, PhD

Other Highlights:
  • FOCUS: Getting to the Point of Sharpening
  • Awards Offer the Opportunity to Receive International Recognition
  • New Clinical Recommendations for Fluoride Varnish
  • Business of Dental Hygiene: Dental Hygiene Pathways
  • Talking Ethics: Grey Markets: Do You Need to be Concerned?

Issue 10 - Summer Edition

Special Feature:

Thinking About Our Thinking About Oral Rinsing: The Third Essential Component to Home Care (Part 1) By Joanna Asadoorian, RDH, PhD

What's Inside:

  • FOCUS: Digital Radiology: The Big Picture
  • Philips Sonicare Oral Health & Whitening Survey My Life By the “Spoonful”
  • Business of Dental Hygiene: A Dog With A Job… In The Dental Hygiene Clinic!
  • Home & Away: Teddy Bear Picnic Sharing a Smile with Remote Communities
  • Talking Ethics: Ethics of Advertising: What’s Wrong with Freebies?

Issue 9 - Spring Edition

What's Inside:

  • FOCUS: All Things Perio
  • Business of Dental Hygiene: Mobile Infection Control Protocols
  • Home & Away: Helping Haiti Smile and "Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth"
  • Talking Ethics: Ethical Advertising & Free Discounts
  • Features: Forging Our Professional Identity, Have You Heard of Orofacial Myology, & Product Advocacy Gets Results

Issue 8 - Winter Edition

What's Inside:

  • FOCUS: Use of Lasers in Dental Hygiene
  • Home & Away: Volunteer Mission to El Salvador Portable Ottawa Dental Service (PODS)
  • Business of Dental Hygiene: One Step Beyond: Creative Problem Solving in Independent Practice and Tips & Tricks
  • Interprofessional Collaboration: The Healing Round Table
  • Work Life Wellness: Getting Unplugged
  • Features: Learning to Think Differently Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance