Call for Papers

The Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene is currently seeking high-quality manuscripts in the following categories:

  • Original research: These manuscripts report on the findings of quantitative or qualitative research studies that explore a specific research question.
  • Literature reviews: These manuscripts are informative and critical syntheses of existing research on a particular topic. They summarize current knowledge and identify gaps for further study.
  • Short communications: These manuscripts should be on a clinical or theoretical topic of interest to oral health professionals.

Manuscripts should address current and compelling topics in dental hygiene practice, education, theory, and policy. All submissions will be sent for external peer review by experts in the field. The peer-review process usually takes 4 weeks, after which a decision regarding publication is made by the scientific editor.

Getting Started

If you have oral health research that you are ready to share with your colleagues but aren't sure where to begin, there are lots of resources to help you! Here are some websites that you may find useful.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts may be submitted electronically to the editorial office at, and should include a covering letter declaring the originality of the work, any conflicts of interests of the author(s), and contact information for the corresponding author. Technical details on the formatting and structure of manuscript submissions may be found in our Guidelines for authors.