Your $20.17 New Year's Resolution: Professional Development

$20.17 Webinar Bundles

The holidays are over and it's time to check off your 2017 New Year's resolution to expand your professional knowledge, complete those continuing education credits, or enhance your portfolio with help from CDHA's professional development offerings. Keeping up with your requirements can be challenging, so we've put together three on-demand webinar bundles each consisting of three webinars to help get you started. Even if you’ve already completed a webinar that’s part of a bundle, you’re still going to SAVE BIG! Offer ends February 28, 2017.

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CDHA Bundle

Interdental Brushing: Putting Statements into Practice

In 2014, CDHA published a position statement and clinical practice guideline on interdental brushing. This webinar will cover the development and use of position papers and statements, and equip participants with the skills to locate, interpret, and put position statements into practice.

E-Cigarettes: Exploring the Issues

This webinar will provide an overview of current research on e-cigarettes, and will review important considerations for dental hygiene care, highlighting available CDHA resources.

Get Smart about Employment Contracts

Many dental hygienists are working without any type of employment contract and others are unsure whether they are an employee or self-employed. Let CDHA help make sense of the legalese. Even if you have a contract in place, learn what yours should contain.

NMSK Bundle

What is neuro-musculoskeletal disorder? Am I at risk?

Learn about the types of neuro-musculoskeletal (NMSK) conditions that are common to dental hygienists and determine your personal risk profile.

How can I protect myself from NMSKs?

Identify the risk factors present in your work environment and determine modifications to reduce your risk.

NMSK fitness care routine

Determine modifications to reduce your risk and identify an in-office stretching routine to reduce the pain and discomfort in common areas of the body affected by performing dental hygiene work, as well as a more comprehensive out-of-office fitness regimen.

Cochrane Bundle

Effectiveness of fluoride varnishes and sealants for preventing dental caries

Fluoride varnishes and sealants are two common and widely available options to prevent dental caries. Learn to interpret the summary estimates from two Cochrane systematic reviews about these interventions and determine the potential clinical implications of the results.

Everything you wanted to know about Cochrane resources, but were afraid to ask!

There is much more to The Cochrane Library than over 5,900 Cochrane systematic reviews of the effectiveness of health care treatments. Their resources include abstracts, plain language summaries, podcasts, Cochrane Journal Club, thematic collections of reviews, and much more. Learn about these resources and how to access them.

One-to-one dietary interventions in dental practice

Evidence suggests that caries risk increases when sugars are consumed at high frequency and are in a form that is retained in the mouth for long periods of time. This webinar describes a Cochrane review of one-to-one dietary interventions in a chairside setting since giving dietary advice remains an important part of clients’ caries management.

What’s an "On-Demand" Webinar?

An on-demand webinar is simply a recorded version of a live webinar session which is made available following the event. This option is great for anyone unable to attend the live session. Although non-interactive, the on-demand version provides the full experience of the live event. Each on-demand webinar includes a quiz and the opportunity to receive a certificate to meet continuing competency requirements for your regulatory college.

*Actual savings of up to $54.83 before tax.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that your access to these webinars will expire one year from the date of purchase and registration fees are non-refundable.

DISCLAIMER: Please note courses and on-demand webinars cannot be completed on tablets and other mobile devices. Additionally, the 2017 New Year's webinar bundle promotional offer is only available to CDHA members.