Dental Hygiene Quarterly Frequently Asked Questions

I've purchased Dental Hygiene Quarterly online, how do I access the content?

At any time, click the "My Profile" page in the Education section of the website

Do I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. When you have finished watching all the chapters and taken all the quizzes in the online DVD, a "certificate of completion" will be made available to you under the "My Profile" section above.

The video won't play


I clicked the link under "My courses & webinars" but nothing happened

Your browser may have a pop-up blocker activated. In Internet Explorer, at the top right, click "Tools"; then choose "Pop-up blocker", then "Turn off pop-up blocker"

The video plays but is very choppy

This is probably due to your Internet connection or traffic on your connection. You may need to wait a few minutes before playing to ensure that sufficient buffering has been met

I've ordered a hard copy of the Dental Hygiene Quarterly. Where's my delivery?

DVD Delivery issues will be taken care of through the Dental Hygiene Quarterly website: