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2013 Job Market & Employment Survey

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Every two years, CDHA conducts a dental hygiene Job Market & Employment Survey to gauge employment trends in Canada and generate statistics on all aspects of the profession.

The survey is sent to dental hygienists across the country. It includes questions about salary rates, employment benefits, workplace injuries, and practice environment.

Whether you are interviewing for a new job, negotiating an employment contract or preparing for your first job interview, the CDHA Job Market and Employment Survey is a valuable source of information.

CDHA Job Market and Employment Survey 2013

Whether you are interviewing for a new job or renegotiating your current employment contract, the CDHA Job Market and Employment Survey is a must read.

Key highlights:
  • Average hourly wage of dental hygienists has risen since the 2011 survey
  • 92% of dental hygienists work in clinical dental hygiene and 72% work for a single employer
Challenges We Face:
  • Canada-wide unemployment rate for dental hygienists is 3.5%, approximately one-half of the national average
  • Younger, less experienced dental hygienists are more likely to report an hourly salary increase
  • 67% of dental hygienists have no written contracts with employers, however this is a 6% improvement over 2011
The Future:
  • Two-thirds of dental hygienists in independent practice reported high levels of satisfaction with this career choice
  • 86% respondents plan to practice 2 or more years in the profession

To encourage participation in the survey, gift cards were offered as incentives. The following dental hygienists are our winners:

  • National winner – Dalia Petrulis
  • New Brunswick – Anne Caissie
  • Manitoba – Monica Groth
  • PEI – Amber Mason
  • British Columbia - Darlene Sissau