Oral Health and Brushing, Flossing and Rinsing - Periodontal disease may be linked to some life-threatening illnesses. You can take steps to reduce your risk.

Many Canadians suffer from gingivitis caused by the buildup of dental plaque due to ineffective oral self care. Increasing scientific evidence links periodontal disease to life threatening illnesses such as heart disease and stroke, and diabetes. This brochure promotes the key role of dental hygienists in developing an oral health program to meet individual client's needs and preferences.

Oral Health and Your Dental Hygienist - What Your Dental Hygienist Knows Could Save Your Life.

This brochure highlights the important role of dental hygienists as primary health-care professionals and as partners in promoting clients' oral health. By early detection and treatment of oral disease dental hygienists play a key role in decreasing the incidence and severity of diabetes, lung disease and cardiovascular disease. They collaborate with and educate clients in preventing and controlling periodontal disease whether in a clinical or community setting.

Oral Health and Lung Disease - Scientific Studies Show a Clear Link between Periodontal Disease and Lung Disease in the Elderly.

This brochure focuses on the research uncovering the link between periodontal disease and overall health, in general, and the development of lung disease in the elderly, in particular. It promotes the role of dental hygienists as partners in oral and overall health.

Oral Health and Diabetes - There is Substantial Evidence Linking Diabetes and Periodontal Disease.

This brochure explains the two-way street link between periodontal disease and diabetes. It promotes the role of dental hygienists as partners collaborating with clients for developing a good oral-hygiene program to prevent or control periodontal disease to help control diabetes.

Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease - Your Chances of Cardiovascular Disease May Increase if You Have Periodontal Disease.

The brochure concentrates on periodontal disease as yet another risk factor for heart disease and the role of dental hygienists to help ensure a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth.

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